The Lion City: The Beginning

From time to time, my dad tells me how proud he was when he recalled the moment I stepped my foot upon Singaporean soil for the first time. He still is, how blessed I am to have such great dad.

The Preparation

Nine years ago, I was destined for greatness. Or so I believed. Belief is such a powerful thing. It carries you to places you cannot imagine. Through good preparation and some luck, I received a full scholarship to study in Singapore. I even got paid to study! You would not believe how awesome my life was.

We, scholars, bonded together before we even went to Singapore to study. We brushed up our English skill, not that we were good at it before. Our parents even created a small yet tightly knit “organization,” which got together every now and then. We were ready to leave our mark in the world. Fifteen, sixteen years old, studying overseas, leaving our parents behind for a brand-new, exciting journey.

On Top of the world

Fast forward a year later, I became the president of St. Joseph’s Institution, a.k.a. SJI, environmental club for a term. I was also part of hostel committee where I lived. Being a hostel committee was sort of like RA, sort of. Long story short, I was actively involved in many clubs and activities. I felt like I was on top of the world.

I would be lying if I never got nervous, but honestly, I rarely did. As the president of the environmental club at the time, I sometimes had to speak in front of the whole school. And so I did, calmly. At this point, you might wonder what made me afraid then? If you asked me then, I would probably smile at you, and said



As any good stories are, there were always twists and turns. Yup, things did go downhill soon after. Pretty darn fast too.

To be continued…

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